A marriage that thrives: tips to effective communication

The number one key to a thriving marriage is communication. I have noticed that it seems to be normal for most marriages to end in divorce. As a little girl, I swore to myself that no matter what, I would only get married once, whether or not the marriage survives. Granted, some marriages just do not work out in the end after every route of help has been exhausted. Or Read More

Why you should never join an MLM business

I am a survivor of multi-level marketing and I wanted to take the time to share my experience with you. The glamour that is shed upon the “opportunities” that come with joining an MLM is often nothing more than false claims and over-exaggeration. Yes, there is maybe a handful of people in the entire world who do make a sizeable living through MLM, but they are usually on the tippy Read More

The decluttering process: top secrets to stress-free purging

Another day of decluttering is around the corner. It is officially at that point again at my house. The point of crusading through my house with a hefty trash bag in hand tossing anything and everything in my path. Another day goes by that I ask myself, “Erin, why don’t you adopt a minimalistic lifestyle already?” This question is genuine because having too much stuff in my space is a Read More

Ultimate guide to a sparkling bathroom (plus 3 cleaning recipes!)

I have a little fun fact about myself: my first job out of high school was housekeeping at the local Marriott hotel. I was already what could easily be called a neat freak when I got the job, but the training to get the rooms into Marriott’s standard of perfection just multiplied my freakiness ten-fold! Especially in the bathrooms! Whether it is my house or a hotel I am staying Read More

Identifying depression & 3 powerful ways to move forward

Is it just me, or does it seem like depression runs rampant in the minds of our society? I can’t help but feel like everyone today has experienced depression in one way or another. Myself included, I was diagnosed with depression a couple of years ago. Since then I have found ways that help me identify when I am about to have another run-in with depression and how to either Read More

Newborn stage survival: Top 10 must-haves!

Aw, the sweet day you get to bring home your newborn! Smooshy little bundles of joy that changed your entire life in a single instant! I know I’m not the only one who just loves babies, whether they are my own or not. I remember at the end of my pregnancy (about weeks 36 and on) I was DONE with being pregnant…in Arizona…in July. I was counting the minutes until Read More